Welcome to our Services Section of our Site.

Our services can help get your company onto the first page of Google and other major search engines. Which means more customers and more sales!

How would being on the 1st page of Google help your business?

To get a better understanding on how we can help your business with our services,we have taken the time to explain exactly what we do. ( Once you hire us to “Erase Your Competition” 😉

Wipeout Marketing includes various techniques to greatly increase your companies presence on the search engines for local search. We strive to get your business on the first page of Google and other major search engines with multiple listings without resorting to expensive pay-per-click campaigns. We do that by giving Google what it wants, a well optimized website and fresh content. Here is our normal work flow:

1. We discuss the client’s business and what the client wants to achieve with online marketing.

2. We develop a keyword list of the client’s products and services.

3. We analyze the competition for those keywords.

4. We then narrow down the most targeted keywords in your industry, with all the information we have gathered from our research above to effectively attack the search engines.

5. We look at the client’s website and take the time to better optimize the website for their keywords on the search engines. (Don’t worry if you do not have a website, ALL of our packages include a customized “central” site/blog that will be completely branded to your company and optimized for maximum results.)

6. We build additional web presence for the client targeting the selected keywords by producing articles and videos of the business, product or service.

7. We promote this new content on video sharing sites, article directories, blogs, social media outlets and so many Unique Marketing Strategies we have mastered. These promotions find their way to the top of the search engines for the selected keywords. As a result the client gets more customers. Over time the client’s website will see its standing on the search engines improve due to improved SEO and additional backlinks from the content creation.

8. We maintain this web presence month after month with new, fresh content.

9. The client can sleep good at night, knowing that Wipeout Marketing is “Erasing All Of Their Competion” online!